Tammy Slate, RMT, CPC
Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Healing, Life Coach

Life Coaching

 you want shift your life from good to great?

What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is a modality that offers new opportunities to create success in all areas of life. This modality is not therapy, consulting, or mentoring. Coaching focuses on your goals and the areas that you want to move forward.  Through an alliance as coach and client we work together to reach for your goals and dreams, help you find out what you really want- and breakthrough patterns and perspectives that are holding you back from living your fullest potential. 

Once you dissolve your limits, life becomes a moment by moment sense of awe and wonder.  Joe Vitale

How Can I Help You to Create What You Really Want? 
Energies or mindsets in the form of patterns, behaviors, emotions and thoughts that you have about yourself
and aspects of life in general can be keeping you from connecting with your inner purpose and passion, your spirit or essence. 

Through raising your awareness of where you live most of the time energetically or consciously and a unique process of coaching, together we can transform your challenges or current life situations into opportunities, reshape your way of being, thinking and the actions that you take. I bring in the secrets of success through science, spiritual aspects and laws into your sessions to educate and connect with conscious change and shifts in  

Through our partnership, this thought provoking, creative process can inspire and optimize your personal and professional goals and dreams.  
Just imagine how it will feel when you start creating the experiences in life that are at the level you know is where you belong! Not where you settled to be.

What Goals and Dreams Do You Want To Achieve?

Here are some common goals that I have helped others just like you. 

Create More Work & Life Balance

Institute an Atmosphere of Transparency and Increase Consciousness of Corporate

Strategize My Solo-preneur Business goals

Formulate a New Self Image

Improve My Relationship with My spouse, daughter, .....

Find My Sweet Spot and Do What I Love

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My mission as a certified life coach is to empower and support individuals and businesses in raising their conscious awareness and connect inner purpose and passion to outer goals and strategies that create amazing, sustainable results

Get things rolling and act now with this private personal coaching starter program. 

Private Program starts off with a "One of A Kind" subjective attitudinal assessment that gives you feedback and reflects your perspectives, attitudes and beliefs, who you are- or who you were “taught” to be or think-and how you show up energetically in the world.  Working together I will assist and support you in finding and shifting your energy toward where you want.

After you complete your online assessment, you will be debriefed on the results spending a little over an hour together. We will celebrate your strongest self and curiously hold a light to those areas in which you want to create transformation and increase the potential for opportunities and success in your life, career, personal development, or……. you name it !

After your assessment & debrief, you can choose to move forward with weekly/biweekly private 30 minute coaching sessions. And most likely you will when you are amazed and inspired by the results and see yourself now sustainbly achieving your goals and dreams.

Get your Unique Individual Assessment here.

Energy is everthing and with greater awareness we can create the change we want.

Starter Package:  $797

3, 6, & 12 Month Coaching Programs Available    



Group Coaching Sessions

Call for more information and to discover how we can work together to support your team, volunteers, association, club, and

Tammy Slate, CPC