Tammy Slate,RMT
Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Healer 
Holistic Life Coach


Soul Reading

Want to find out more about who you are at Soul level?

Ready to break free from unhealthy karmic patterns that you keep repeating?

Soul Level Portrait Reading   $227

Discover your souls group, your soul gifts and attributes, energetic state and makeup.
Hear about your past life choices and energies that are creating blocks and imbalances that are affecting your current life circumstances. Explore the influences of your life lessons. Consciously connect and resonate with the and start to make new choices that shift toward creating a life of abundance, joy, creativity. 

Intuitive Life Reading   $147

Reading that relates to specific life areas that you want insight into.

Relationship Reading-

Life Purpose Reading- 

Meet Your Spirit Guides-

Chakra Analysis Reading-