NCBTMB Approved Provider #546
for Continuing Education 

A Healing Approach Holistic Center                                                     
Teresa Robertson, LMT  
Tammy Slate, RMT

Tammy Slate,RMT
Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Healer 
Holistic Life Coach


Reiki Classes

Curious about Reiki and want to learn more?  

An Introduction to Reiki Healing

Next Event   Wed.  August 16th   6:30pm- 8:00pm

Learn about Reiki for self care and treating family, friends, and pets, have a bit of fun, and practice and receive an intro session in a small group.  

A Healing Approach Holistic Center
1675 SW Marlow Ave. Suite 306
Portland Oregon 97225

Reiki is more than energy healing, it can be a path to an overall  healthier life

                                                               NCBTMB Provider #546 
Reiki Healing Workshops         

Reiki I & II Two Day Intensive Workshop
Next Date ....  October 21 & 22, 2017

This workshop is for designed so you can learn to facilitate holistic healing for yourself, friends, family, clients or patients after a weekend of intensive training.
Not just a class with the teacher reading out of a manual, it is interactive experience with an knowledgeable, compassionate instructor providing spiritual insights and experiences along the way.

Reiki I & II is combination of lecture, discussion and practice. Practice includes giving and receiving Reiki sessions using the standard hands positions and intuitive treatment.  Learn about personal energy systems and several methods to practice Reiki on yourself. Grasp the importance of regular self treatment, the immediate effects and those over time.   Discover how to send Reiki at a distance and learn the usage of the keys to increase Reiki strength and create emotional and mental harmony. Step by step instruction on how to integrate Reiki into aspects of your life that you want to intentionally heal and transform. This is a 2 day workshop that covers both levels or degrees of Reiki I & Reiki II.
Reiki I and Reiki II can be taken separately.

Reiki Level I & II Two Day Intensive  Tuition $497

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Reiki Level I  One Day Intensive Class Tuition $227

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Reiki Level II
One Day Intensive Class
Tuition $297

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Advanced Reiki Training~ Reiki Master Practitioner

This is a one day intensive workshop.
Prerequisite: Completion of Reiki I  & II

Upcoming Dates......September 22, 2017


This workshop is a combination of lecture, discussion and hands on practice.
In this class you will learn:The Usui Master symbol which strengthens your Reiki energy,
 increases the effectiveness of other symbols, and can be used individually for healing. 
Reiki meditations which include the moving meditation and master meditation to enhance
the mind, expand consciousness, solve problems and work on goals.
The use of crystals and stones with Reiki and how to create a healing crystal
grid for perpetual healing for the earth, others and yourself. Technique to remove
negative psychic energy from yourself and others.

A detailed 20 page manual is included with the class.

Class Hours:
  9:30 am to 4:00 pm

  A Healing Approach Holistic Center

                  1675 SW Marlow Ave., Suite 306 
                  Portland Oregon 97225

Advanced Reiki Training~ Reiki Master Practitioner

Tuition $357

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Call 503.784.4707 for registration and details or
Email Tammy :">


Reiki Master Teacher Training

This is a weekend intensive workshop.
Prerequisite: Completion of Advanced Reiki Training (ART)

Upcoming Class Dates

Sat. & Sun.  September 23-24, 2017 


This is a weekend intensive workshop for ART and Reiki Master training together.

It is combination of lecture, discussion and hands on practice.

A comprehensive manual is provided and you will learn:

Instruction of all Reiki attunements for Reiki I, II, & III
The healing attunement which is used to increase the effectiveness of Reiki sessions by providing focused healing.
Receive the Usui Reiki III & Tibetan/Master attunement.
Reiki master meditations for healing and balancing the chakras
The origin and usage of Two Tibetan symbols creating a total of 6 tools for Reiki healing work 
Discussion and practice of giving attunement.

Class Hours:  9:30am to 4:00 pm.


Location:  A Healing Approach Holistic Center         
                 1675 SW Marlow Ave., Suite 306 
                 Portland Oregon 97225


 Reiki Master Teacher Tuition $697

Payment Options

Call 503.784.4707 to register or for more details


        Tammy Slate,  Reiki Master Practitioner & Educator

        Call  503.784.4707 for more info. on which class is right for you.